Visit Rates

Please note: KCPA providers are NOT in-network with insurances.

EVALUATION/Diagnostic Services Only

1.) How much is an evaluation with Dr. Poysky or Dr. Casillas?


2.) What is the fee for therapy services with Alyssa Muchaw, Elizabeth Forman, Sarah Joyner, or Diana Piquet?

Evaluation Services

Dr. Poysky and Dr. Casillas are  NOT in-network with any insurances. 

KCPA can provide you with a Superbill or Receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. KCPA cannot guarantee reimbursement and you should contact your insurance carrier for information regarding out-of-network coverage.

Evaluations typically range from $1200- $2000 for all 3 appointments. This total is dependent on the age of the child and areas of testing completed.

1. The initial consultation visit with Dr. Poysky or Dr. Casillas is $200.

2. If it is determined to be needed, testing services will be $400 per hour and generally ranges from 2-4 hours.

Testing services can vary depending on the age and needs of each child.  (Occasionally up to 6 hours if a full neuropshych and educational evaluation is completed) Time needed and fees will be discussed and determined at the initial consultation visit as it will be individualized for each child.

3. A third feedback appointment to review the result of the testing and recommendations is $200

Any additional follow up appointments with the provider will be charged at their usual session rates of $200.

Additional Reports: Additional fees may apply for report requests or letters other than what is included with the full evaluation.  $50 each request.


Therapy may be recommended when a child has already been evaluated and/or diagnosed and the family is seeking treatment for that issue, such as seeking cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety or depression or behavior therapy with parent training for oppositional preschoolers and children. For general emotional, behavior, or social concerns a full evaluation may not be needed or may be recommended later by the therapist.

Alyssa Muchaw, MA LPC, NCC 

One standard session = 45 minutes - $150

Elizabeth Forman, MA, LPC   

One standard session = 45 minutes - $150

Sarah Joyner, MA LPC, NCC

One standard session = 45 minutes - $150

Diana Piquet, LPC Associate

One standard session = 45 minutes - $125

Reimbursement from your insurance provider

We will be happy to provide you with any superbill's or receipts to help you request reimbursement, however we cannot guarantee reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider to verify reimbursement details.

All major credit cards, check and cash are accepted for payment. (If paying with cash, our office does not keep cash on hand for change)

Cancellation Policy
Failure to show for your scheduled therapy or testing appointment, without at least 24 hours in advance notice, will result in late cancelation/no-show fee equal to the full appointment rate per standard (1-hour) appointment, and $400 fee for each and any testing (2 or more hours) appointment.

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