Athlete Performance Coaching

We are so thrilled to partner with 
Kate Ziegler
Kate is a 4 time World Champion, 
American and World record holder and Olympic swimmer!


Kate provides Mindset and Performance Coaching to student athletes ages 12 years and up. 

All visits are via Zoom.

These visits may cover but are not limited to the following:

Goal setting and achievement
Managing pre-performance anxiety and pressure
Healthy habit formation
Time and energy management
Visualization and imagery
Stress management
Navigating injuries and returning to sport post-injury,
breathwork, mindfulness, and muscle relaxation
Self-talk to improve confidence, focus, and performance

Kate is a two-time Olympian and mindset and performance coach with a passion for
helping athletes and elite performers thrive. Combining her unique personal experience with a
holistic approach to performance and success, Kate helps clients consistently perform at and
feel their best by developing skills and strategies for cultivating confidence, managing
emotions, anxiety, and pressure, and navigating life’s stresses.
As a four-time World Champion, American and world record holder, and winner of 15 medals in
international competition, Kate knows the physical and mental demands required to succeed.
Yet, it’s not her successes but the mental and emotional challenges she faced during her
career that spurred Kate’s passion for helping young athletes and elite performers. Rarely are
youth taught the internal skills necessary to support the external demands they face daily. Kate
seeks to help clients unlock their best performances by equipping them with tools to become
healthy, strong, resilient, confident people. 

Performance Coaching with Kate is done via Zoom. 

Initial Intake: 45 minutes, with parent(s)  $150

Each meeting after:  30 minutes $100 per meeting

Kate generally recommends 4-8 weekly meetings

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