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Insurance & Rates

Our providers can see any client who is self-paying or with one of the following insurance carriers.


To find a provider that is in any other network, please call that insurance provider directly.

Dr. Poysky is currently accepting new patients for evaluations only.

Does my child need an Evaluation or Therapy/Counseling?

KCPA is a small private practice with limited time and resources.

We will check benefits only 1 or 2 days prior to the scheduled visit date.

We encourage you to verify the following information for your child as soon as possible and well before the scheduled appointment, so you are aware of your benefit coverage.

Please call the member services department of your insurance carrier to get answers to these questions:

1. Does my child have mental health benefits?  (If no, please call us to verify office visit charges)

2. Will mental health benefits be billed directly to Cigna, BCBS, or Aetna? (If no, KCPA will not bill to any other payor. Please call us to verify out of network visit charges)

3. Is there a remaining deductible balance that needs to be met? What percentage is covered after that is met?

4. Is there an office visit copay?

5. Will a testing visit CPT code 96101 be covered under a copay or deductible?

Visits that are not billed to insurance can be paid with cash, check or major credit card and are due at the time of the visit.



An evaluation is recommended when there are concerns about different areas 
of functioning (e.g., social/emotional, academic achievement, behavioral, adaptive) and when there are concerns
about more than one condition (e.g., a child is showing signs of anxiety, attention problems, and learning problems).
Testing can also help us evaluate for the presence and severity of anxiety/mood disorders, AD/HD, behavioral 
disorders, and developmental disorders. 

Evaluation is also helpful in cases where the child is not making progress with his/her current treatment plan
and they are being referred for evaluation to help figure out diagnostically what is going on to help guide the
treatment plan (in therapy, educational planning, and medication management).

Evaluation Rates:

An evaluation is typically 3 appointments.

1. Before insurance, the intial consultation visit with Dr. Poysky or Dr. Lyle-Lahroud is $165.

2. If it is determined to be needed, testing appointments for all providers will be $250 per hour.

Testing time can vary depending on the needs of each child and can range from 2-6 hours.  Time needed will be discussed and determined at the initial consultaion visit as it will be individualized for each child. 

3. The third feedback appointment is a usual session rate.

Any additional feedback or follow up appointments with the provider will be charged at their usual session rates.

It is advised that you contact your insurance provider to inquire about any remaining deductible that still needs to be met, what percentage they will cover and if there is an office visit copay.

Additional Reports: Additional fees may apply for report requests or letters other than what is included with the full evaluation.


In general therapy would be recommended when a child has already been evaluated and/or diagnosed
and the family is seeking treatment for that issue, such as seeking cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety
or depression or behavior therapy with parent training for oppositional preschoolers and  children.

Alyssa Muchaw is not in-network with insurances.

We will be happy to provide you with any superbill's or reciepts to help you request reimbursement, however we cannot guarantee reimbursement.  Contact your insurance provider to verify reimbursement details.

Therapy Rates: (one standard session = 45-60 min)
Our therapy rates vary depending on the provider.
Please call 281-829-1599 to ask about current rates.


Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

Cancellation Policy

Failure to show for your scheduled therapy or testing appointment, without at least 24 hours in advance notice,  will result in late cancelation/no-show fee of $50 per standard (1-hour) appointment, and $250 fee for each and any testing (2 or more hours) appointment.

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